The Jossers is a Ukrainian rock band, formed in June 2011. The band consists of Serhiy Voronov (lead vocals, drums and percussion), Stavrov Vladyslav (bass guitar) and Petro Matsybourka (guitar). The Jossers recorded their debut release, the T-Shit EP, with Oleh Frost at Frost Magnetic Rec. Released in March 2014. It includes 6 various tracks – from rather punk-songs “Don’t Blow” and “Suicide” to grunge and alternative “Cinema”, “Hey” etc. The Jossers is a result of interaction between guys and punk/grunge music. Inspired by The Pixies and DEVO, the Jossers created the sound which is dirty, sometimes unmelodic and noisy. Lyrics are imbued with irony and sarcasm about modern life. Social nonsense is well supplemented by chaotic solos and distinct rhythm. Their live appearances are saturated with random jams and covers. Their first big live performance in Ukraine was at “Fayne Misto” festival in July 2014.

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